WUB 2181 - Pack of TWO Scrolls - Measures approx 5" x 2.4"

These appliques and trims are bendable, paintable, stainable, and drillable just like wood!  Just heat them up with a hair dryer, heat gun and some like the trims work well heated up on a griddle!  You can paint them before applying to the furniture or after,  For easiest use always heat up before manipulating.  Due to their nature, they may break while shipping or when handling.  But, they are easy to fix!  Just heat them up and you can squeeze the ends a little to reshape.  Use Wood Glue to fix them back up!  Allow to dry.  Then sand if needed.  
To contour them to a curved shape warm up with a heat gun or hair dryer. You can cut them with scissors. Apply with a good quality wood glue. Titebond is my favorite glue and I now am stocking it as well. 
Thanks again and hope you love the WoodUBend product! Note: Store policy is that we do not give credit or issue refunds to broken WoodUbend items.

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